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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 23, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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slowly in san right now at 11:00, the flood walt erdos are receding slowly in san jose, but significant improvement in the rock springs neighborhood where two days ago people had to be rescued by boat. now we can almost see the bottom of those car tires. we also have new information just in from the city of san jose. good morning and thank you for joining us for this midday show. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. ways out there in the rock spring neighborhood for today in the bay. there is a definite difference, you saw it with the car tires showing, it is nowhere near drained out and people still cannot go home there. let's get to that latest information. we just learned in the last hour that 3800 people are now under mandatory evacuation order, which is a huge improvement over the last couple of days. on tuesday, 14,000 people were
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ordered out of their homes because of the flooding. as we speak, city inspectors are going to those flood areas to see who else they can allow back home. >> all right. there have been a lot of changes, kris, so, here's the latest map of the evacuation areas. the portions in red are still under a mandatory evacuation order. that includes the three mobile home parks near the 880, 101 interchange, and happy hollow park and spartan stadium, plus the area near the san jose municipal golf course. we just heard from the city's acting emergency of operations he said the open road area has been pumped dry. it's a matter of determining whether it is safe to go back. they are still pumping in the rock springs area which was in the worst shape. >> we got more information. we have bob redell, pete suratos and vianey arana. this is what's called the reentry and recovery phase. crews working hard to quickly check those neighborhoods, lift those evacuation orders, and let people get back to their homes
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if they're livable. >> as you can see, we've got pumping operations in two of the impacted areas. the water could not naturally go back into the creek. so, in the mobile home park areas and here in rock springs we're having to do pumping to get the water back into the creek. we're just about done. if not done at the mobile home area, because that was less water, here we have a lot more water to deal with. >> all right. so, you can actually see images of that pump from our sky ranger video from earlier today. nbc bay area's vianey arana is in the rock springs area. you and kris were both out there yesterday. what is the water looking like today and what are the creek levels at? >> reporter: well, you know, the sun is out. you can see the line, drying now, they washed out this area. you're seeing old tires, shoes, socks, a bunch of debris.
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this is where the press conference was. you can see the crews actively cleaning behind me. as they did mention, they do have to work on the sewage pumps right now. they're pushing the water back. you can see they're shoveling what look like potato chip bags, shoes, you can smell it out here. we have all the press out here. thankfully you can see it significantly has gone down in terms of the flooding. a lot of these cars were fully under water, even as of yesterday morning. i know even when kris was up here as well. if we can go ahead and pop up the latest information in terms of where the creek level is at as of now, the anderson reservoir is still at about 102% in term of capacity. the coyote creek was at about 11 and 10 this morning, it has significantly gone down to about 7.8. over the past two days it's going down slowly, but it is definitely going down. that is good news. we are tracking rain as we head into the weekend. hopefully it doesn't look like the creek levels will be affected as much, but we are seeing capacity in term of the
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reservoir. for more information on that, let's send it over to kari in the studio. >> hey, we have seen coyote lake which spills into anderson reservoir, still over 100%. we are still also over 100% for the uvas reservoir, lexington and almaden reservoir. so, as we go into the next couple of days, of course key things we'll be watching will be the next storm system. so, storm ranger powered up on san bruno mountain tracking ing what's down the line for us. it looks like for now thing are nice and quiet. we'll talk about the weekend and the next storm system set to move in on saturday and how much rain we could see. that's coming up at about 11:16. >> all right, thank you, kari. kari has been watching the reason for the flooding along the creek and that is anderson reservoir. mayor liccardo has been saying that's the reason, that's the culprit. it is still more than 100% full
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and spilling into coyote creek. >> what you're looking at right now, nbc bay area sky ranger has been tracking the reservoir on the left side of your screen, what the reservoir looked like yesterday. today is on the right side and not much difference at least from first blush as you look at it there. kari mentioned it's still at 102% capacity but water levels are going down. what we are seeing right now is unprecedented. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in milpitas where experts are measuring the creek to make sure levels are dropping as expected. good morning, bob, and what did you find out? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. those experts being with the united states geological survey, even the usgs was surprised by how much water came through their flood gauge here in milpitas in coyote creek just south of 237. the flow tuesday night was so powerful, you see this flood measuring stick. it was ripped from that pole that was bolted to the downside of the creek bed there. just gives you a sense of how
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much water was coming through here. within the past few hours, the hydrologist measured the flow of coyote creek here using a sounding way and meter which gives real time doppler data. the creek is 13 feet deep in this location flowing at 3,000 cubic feet per second, which is still at historic highs for this location. it has been in operation since 191, but it does mean that the creek is receding at an expected rate. what was not expected is when this creek set a report tuesday night, the creek hitting 18 feet, just over 18 feet here at this location in milpitas, a flow of over 8400 cubic feet per second. the usgs's job is only to take the measurements and provide this data to decision makers like noah and the santa clara county water district so they can come up with own model. the usgs can understand why those prediction failed. >> it's a lot of water. no one really knows how the channel is going to react, especially after multiple years
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of drought. it is chockful of rvegetation ad debris. that made it worse. >> reporter: was this predictable? >> i don't think anybody predicted this kind of result. when you're going into areas where you never had it before, you don't know what you're going to get. >> reporter: >> reporter: the usgs field manager said they were caught off guard. they were heading to alameda creek to take measurements there. once they realized anderson reservoir was pushing out so much water they sent technicians to their gauge in milpitas to take measurements. they were taking measurements every 15 minutes. this was well into the night, overnight and they are in that box suspended over the creek. this data a they provide when they have a human out here is to supplement the automatic sensor. sometimes those sensors fail, people don't. at least when it comes to taking measurements.
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reporting live in milpitas, bob redell nbc bay area news. >> a lot of good information there. bob, thank you for that report. now to a store that i broke a lot of hearts the last couple of days. the horse he in the rock springs area trapped by water with nowhere to go, good news this morning is that the water as you can see has receded enough where they are out of harms way. the water ha gone down. in this case completely receded. that what not the situation 24 hours ago. those horse he were standing in potentially toxic waters more than a day. this was wednesday when it wasn't as bad, coming up to the lower part of their leg there. those images haunting many people in the bay area. nbc bay area pete suratos joining us live. you had a chance to speak to two horse owners. what are they telling you about what happened? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, sam. i did speak to two of the horse owners, they say the 28 horses were stuck in the flood waters 18 to 24 hours and the worst of it was actually on tuesday. now, we're sitting right across the way from the ranch.
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you can see that clearly the water has receded from coyote creek. i was able to gain talking to the two horse owners, as you see that video from wednesday when the water was a foot or so deep for the horses. according to the horse owners i spoke with, they were anticipating flooding as early as monday and actually started to move some of the 28 horses to higher ground. they claimed that anderson dam officials told them on monday that coyote creek would only crest 4 feet above the flood stage, which they were told from past owners in the facility shouldn't cause any problems to the horse facility. when that creek went to 18 feet above the flood stage on tuesday, that's when it became an issue and for some of the horses there on tuesday, they were covered in about 3 feet of water, up to their bellies in some cases. the horse owners i spoke with also said they didn't move these horse he yesterday to dry land. more so, the water just receded. bottom line, guys, the creek rose higher than many of them expected. >> hindsight is 2020. had we known it would get this high, we would have taken them out on monday.
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>> historically we didn't think the water would come up as high as it did. so, we thought, yeah, it's going to rise, but then it should stay within the creek bank. >> reporter: since this is a mandatory evacuation zone they will eventually have to move the horses off the island it sits on. once the water reseeds in that overflow area, they'll walk the horses across. from there they'll walk the horses to trailers to nearby facilities. they are hoping to do this later today. we're live in san jose, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right, pete. scary to see those folk on the boats without life jackets. now that the flood waters are receding, the clean up is just getting upped way and a lot of people are returning home to find there really isn't anything to salvage. this is new video into our newsroom this morning showing the clean up efforts near williams street park in the brook wood south neighborhood. this clean up is especially difficult because not only were
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items damaged by the water, they were also contaminated. and the water that came out of coyote creek had oil, gasoline and picked up sewage along the way as well. the city did release a checklist for people who are returning to their homes and trying to save some of their items. we did post that on our website, >> those folk certainly trying to figure out how to decontaminate. when disaster hits, the bay area responds. people have been affected by this historic flooding. $150,000 that's been donated from four donors, the silicon valley auto association gave $100,000. the 49ers are donating 20,000, california water 10,000 and pg&e is giving 20,000. there are a list of charities accepting donations.
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>> up next extreme weather hits the north bay. you have to see to believe. plus. >> an off-duty police officer opening fire after some kind of scuffle with teenagers in southern california and now there are calls for his resignation. we're going to hear from the teen amg teenager at the center of this fight. >> group 2 coming up in business and tech.
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don't panic. that hail storm isn't happening right now, but a viewer did send us video of this storm in santa rosa yesterday. that hail really coming down hard. and the hail was about golf ball size as you can see in this picture with these cute kids. another north bay viewer shared this photo of kid showing off that giant hail. hopefully they didn't take one to the noggin. if you have a photo you'd like to share send it to
11:15 am you can tag nbc bay area on twitter, instagram and facebook. >> looked like the hail storm came down in a flash there so appropriate. >> selected him? >> like in a mainly. >> we've been out in the neighborhood a couple days, kari. people say what's the weather going to be like? these people know. they have been watching you. they know no rain till saturday. >> that's right, that's what we have to do with this quickly changing weather. it has been really stressful. for this season, people watching every raindrop fall. like how much more can we take? so, now we have our chance to dry out, take a break from all of that rain and it's very chilly, too. 49 degrees right now in the peninsula. sunshine there as well as 51 degrees in the east bay. as we get a look at the high temperatures today, not going to move much more from where we are now. only reaching the low to mid 50s and with that breeze it feels even cooler. we're up to 53 degrees in the east bay and san francisco and the north bay today 56 degrees.
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so, as we take a live look outside at san jose, the temperature trend once again only makes it into the lower 50s there with the normal high 63 degrees. so, we are not even close today. and then as we go into tonight, temperatures dipping quickly back into the mid 40s and eventually into the upper 30s for some spots. so, we do have a few days of some dry weather. that's what we are seeing with all of this dry air moving across the pacific. but then we are also watching this weekend storm. and right now as we take a look at how it looks on the satellite imagery, it doesn't look all that impressive. in fact, we are not seeing it as beefy a all the white we are seeing with the composition of the clouds. and it's not tapping into this which would be the subtropical moisture. so, a couple things here to me, kind of signal that this will be a weaker storm as it moves in this weekend. so, looking at the future cast, we are looking at some of the scattered showers moving in early saturday morning. so, it moves in from north to
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south and as we go into the 2:00 to 3:00 hour, seeing some of the rain moving in but by the evening hours all the rain is out of here and there will be another round late sunday night into early monday morning and even that one looks fairly weak. so, the models are now showing we have the potential of about a quarter of an inch for parts of the bay area. the highest amount we may see at this point looks to be about a half an inch and that's with two storms over the weekend. i'll keep you up to date if there is any changes on this, but the good news is that we're not looking at a complete wash out for the weekend. and also early next week we get another chance to dry out, but the sun returning and temperatures slowly warming up from mid 50s to lower 60s by next wednesday, kris and sam. >> that very much a welcome sight. kari, thank you very much. a developing story in anaheim in southern california, an off-duty l.a.p.d. officer is in
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investigation for pull a gun on teenagers and firing a shot. cell phones captured the entire ordeal. you can see the police officer scuffling with a 13-year-old boy. he's holding had i arm right there. this is near the police officer's home yesterday. it ended with the officer pulling his gun out and firing. you hear the shot. nbc news does not know what occurred prior to the start of the recording, but in a statement police say the officer had, quote, ongoing issues with teenagers walking across his property apparently to get to a nearby school. that teenager who you see in the video said the officer called another female teenager a vulgar name. the boy who we are not identifying since he was simply defending the girl when things got out of hand. >> i thought i was going to die like right there. i thought he was going to shoot me because he was like mad. >> while that video went viral online, it promoted a protest, i should say prompted a protest opt streets of anaheim which ended in arrests. anaheim's mayor is promising an impartial investigation. >> we are now waiting for
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details from pittsburgh police after a man was shot and killed near a busy shopping center there. this is a shooting that happened in pittsburgh around 8:00 last night. this is near the atlantic plaza shopping center. officers responded to reports of a shooting and found that victim suffering from several gunshot wounds. the man died at the sen. pittsburgh police say the shooting is under investigation, but they have not released any other details. >> happening today a candle light vigil for a man killed while playing pokemon go in san francisco. you probably remember this. calvin riley was shot while playing the smartphone game near gear ar deli square in san francisco. it happened six months ago and still there is no arrest related to his murder. tonight's vigil is at 5:30 at san mateo central park where riley attended the high school right there. >> now to the angelina garcia torres murder case. the man accused of killing sierra lamar from morgan hill.
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the trial continue today and we're hearing for the first time that lamar and garcia torres may have known each other. we're hearing for the first time in court, that is. according to the mercury news that information was revealed yesterday by a lead investigator during testimony. that investigator said he interviewed at least one person who indicated that they were acquaintances. experts say that could undermine dna evidence found in garcia torres' car. >> the stock markets open today at record highs. so far mixed trading although the dow jones industrial average is up right now 42 points at 20,817. for uber, the woes continue this morning. >> it is in the mid of an internal investigation to sexual harassment and now scott mcgrew, new allegations in the newspaper. the new york times used dozens of interviews and recordings of meetings to piece together what comes across as a disturbing
11:21 am
image, a business culture gone wrong. this comes after a former employee leveled allegations of sexual harassment at the company over the weekend. in just one paragraph in the times reported, let me say we've sensored it because kids are watching. but in just one paragraph it said, one uber manager groped female coworkers at a company retreat in las vegas. and a director yelled a homophonic slur at a subordinate. another manager threatened to beat an under performing employee's head in with a baseball bat. keep in mind, that's the sensored version. now arian a huffington who serves on uber's board told employees the companies would no longer hire, quote, brilliant jerks. keep in mind uber is investigating itself and it is led by a ceo who was ceo and has been ceo all this time this was
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happening. hey, you know what sounds worse than being in group 4 when you're getting on the airplane? being in group 8. american airlines says it is adding groups 5 through 8 to its boarding order. basically just making narrower categories of current groups by putting first class in group 1 and frequent fliers in group 2, the gate agent doesn't have to list all those things over the p.a. like now we're welcoming our ruby passengers. so, really when you get on the plane, it doesn't change. but elite passengers may not like any of this because nobody wants to be labelled group 2. group 2, by the way, is now executive, platinum and one world emerald. you still get on at the same time, but now you're called group 2. gold passengers are now group 4. >> sam said i was a ruby but i think i'm a diamond. >> you are a diamond. >> in the rough maybe. elon musk spacex made good on a
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250 mile high delivery at the international space station. astronauts captured spacex dragon cargo ship today after a gps problem prevented the capsule from coming too close. the dragon loaded with 5,000 pounds of supplies lifted off from the moon pad in florida on sunday. the pad had been idle for nearly six years. i wonder if that gp had to recalculate. >> i'm sure it did multiple times. now if you could just make tesla model 3s we'd be good to go there. coming up next, president trump changing federal guidelines over bathrooms. the reason that many people are protesting the new guidelines. >> but first happening now, all of this rain is doing wonders for the drought. our meteorologist rob is tweeting about changes at california's major reservoirs. we know what's happening with our here. and we investigate secondhand gift card. criminals are exploiting this fast-moving market and our chris
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chmura consumer reporter looks into t. watch at
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new video just coming into our newsroom this morning. right now you're looking at u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and the department of homeland security secretary john kelly. they are both in mexico right now trying to calm tensions with that country. they are meeting with mexican
11:27 am
officials and we're told they just made public comments and are expected to discuss a wide number of issues, but that certainly includes the president's plan to deport thousands of undocumented immigrants to mexico, even people who are not originally from mexico. this is something that country has expressed indignation over saying it does not accept those terms. >> meantime protester are taking aim at the president himself over a decision to rescind federal guidelines that allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity it and not the gender they were born with. here in the bay area san francisco school board president and mayor ed lee call trump's decision, quote, a misguided act that the victim eyes children most in need of our support. local protections will not be affected in our area. nbc's halle jackson has more on the effect across the country.
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>> reporter: overnight backlash building. outside the white house, protests against the new administration's latest move reversing an obama era order that let public school students use bathrooms that match their gender identity. transgender rights advocates furious, calling the reversal cruel and heart breaking. about 150,000 teenagers in the u.s. identify as transgender. according to a ucla law school study. she worries about her young son. >> as a vulnerable child, he deserves to go to school every day and feel safe and be affirmed as who he is. >> reporter: but in letters to the supreme court and the nation's schools, the trump administration now arguing president obama's interpretation of a federal law called title ix to protect transgender kids doesn't hold water and involves decisions better left to the
11:29 am
state. >> he is a confirm believer in states rights. >> reporter: more than a dozen states explicitly protect transgender students while 13 others had sued to block the obama administration's order. >> you don't want to be inter mingling sexes with boys and girls, school trips, school showers, school bathroom. that is clearly a violation of privacy. >> reporter: singer jackie evancho who performed at last month's inauguration and whose sister is transgender now asking the president to meet with them to talk about transgender rights. >> what we hope to accomplish is really enlightening president trump and the administration on what it's like for a transgender to live in a world that may not be as comfortable and safe -- >> or accepting. >> -- or accepting as we would hope and need. >> reporter: despite this u-turn, both the departments of justice and education say they are commit today protecting
11:30 am
lgbtq students from discrimination, bullying, and harassment. >> that was halle jackson reporting there. >> coming up as recovery efforts continue in the south bay, another storm is taking aim at our area. kari hall, though, is tracking it. >> and i don't think we've ever been so glad to see some sunshine. that's what we are seeing right now. it lasts for a little while longer. we are tracking that storm. we'll talk about the time line and how much coming up. >> you call the police on a child basically. >> arrested at school. our investigation into the use of police officers on campus is getting national attention. and law maker here in california are now demanding changes statewide. i'm begat shaban. coming up i'll tell you how our reporting could affect every student in california. back to our developing storin
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san jo back to our developing story in san jose, less than two hours ago city officials gave us an update on the situation and it
11:33 am
is improving. >> it is improving. they recharacterized how they are describing it now as a reentry and recovery operation. they say the mandatory evacuation order has been reduce today 3800 people at this point. that was down from 14,000 at its peak. right now inspectors are making sure areas are safe for people to return. >> debris removal services are expected to become available friday and saturday for some areas. the city will establish a local assistance center at the shirakawa community center. >> many people coming home to find destruction and damage. many are finding their belongings are contaminated. nbc's bob redell was in the south brook wood with the clean up and he filed this report for us. >> reporter: you can measure the damage caused by the san jose floods by the large piles of debris left outside people's homes. the numbers of residents have put their belongings outside, furniture, couches, christmas decorations, stereos, these are
11:34 am
things that got swamped by the contaminated waters rising out of coyote creek. unfortunately these possessions are no good and need to be hauled away. this neighborhood border by 18th and 22nd streets and williams and san antonio was hard hit by wednesday night's flood. the water was a couple feet deep in many homes. what surprised us 24 hours ago was how quickly people began to clean up the mess. residents were unclogging the streets. they were trying to figure out how to decontaminate their properties. for many the task ahead to restore their lives is overwhelming. the city of san jose is trying to help out. they have released a checklist of things to do before heading back into your flooded home. first off they say notify your insurance company if you do have flood insurance. make sure the electricity is turned off the first time you are entering your property. as far as food is concerned, if you have canned and pouched foods, those items can be saved as long as you remove the
11:35 am
labels. the labels would be contaminated. but if you get the label off, you want to clean the containers of food in a mixture of water and bleach. there are other suggestions on the city website on what you should do with your utensils, carpet, furnishings, your walls, appliances. for example, you'd want to cut open flooded walls even if there doesn't appear to be any damage. appliances need to be wiped clean and let dry three to seven days. these are just the cliff note versions. the highlights, you can go into the city of san jose's website to look for more information on the flood checklist. here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> we've been using all of our resource he including nbc bay area sky ranger to get a bird's eye view of all of the flooding. you can see it here along the highway. coyote creek still overflowing its banks and it is going to be days before the water reseeds. so, we're looking from the sky, but this is what we saw on the ground. i posted this picture to instagram earlier today because this was the yardstick that we were using to measure the water levels here. this is where the water levels
11:36 am
were on tuesday as those folks who were being evacuated by boat in the rock springs neighborhood. this is where it was yesterday as we were reporting live from today in the bay from the same neighborhood. and this is where its was today. now, earlier, just in the last half hour, vianey arana showed us the same neighborhood and all of this water is now gone. the city's sump pumps, the truck are sucking out that water and putting down the storm drain. that water, though, was contaminated. even though the water is now gone from this area and this part is all clear, right now as we speak there is a lot of contamination. so, folks are not going home though they might be going back to the neighborhood. sam? >> kris, what a difference just a few hours makes as you were talking about. we are going to continue our coverage both on air and online for instant updates. you can always head to you see we have reports on there from the last several days. we have an not tire section on our website dedicated to the floods and evacuation order. shifting gears, we
11:37 am
investigate. we prompted schools around the country to review their use of police officers on campus. this all stem from one of our previous investigations. we have now partnered with nbc news as well as many other nbc stations to find out how every public school in the country is using police officers inside the classroom. investigative reporter bigad shaban first broke this story. >> guys, lawmakers here in california are now pushing new legislation that could affect every student in california. this all comes after our reporting revealed minorities and kid with disabilities are having the police called on them while at school at alarming rates for what some describe as just minor offenses. 16-year-old jason johnson has been facing hurdles his entire life. >> i am who i am. you can't change like that. you can't change that. >> reporter: the high school junior is on the track team and a star football player and has a 3.5 gpa. but he also has a learning
11:38 am
disability and struggles emotionally. at times he also suffers from depression which made middle school especially difficult. jason attended dallas ranch middle in antioch and got in trouble for fighting and making threats. how many times did your school call the police on you? >> quite a bit. way more than they needed to. >> reporter: jason received four juvenile citations in middle school which are equivalent to an arrest, leaving him with a criminal record. he was just 13 at the time. >> he was 13. sandra simon is jason's mother. >> when you know that a kid has a special need and you haven't taken the time to find out what's going on with the kid and the police is called, that tells me right then and there that you don't care about the kid. >> reporter: how did it change jason? >> basically he shut down. he wouldn't even talk to me. >> reporter: officials at jason's school district antioch unified didn't respond to our request for comment.
11:39 am
naacp sued that district last year for failing to address civil rights violations against black students. and california, black children with a disability are 4 1/2 times more likely to get arrested at school than a white student with a disability. and 16 times more likely compared to a white student without a disability. that's according to data we obtained from the department of education. we sorted and analyzed records for the more than 95,000 public schools throughout the country. nationwide, schools called police on their students more than 200,000 times, at least 43% were elementary or middle school students. >> they think that here, put this officer in front of his face, that's going to scare him. this is going to make him do better. that's going to do the complete opposite. >> reporter: 17% of california schools have officers on campus, but how they are used varies widely. our investigation found nearly 230,000 students in the bay area
11:40 am
attend school districts that fail to define the role of their campus officers. is there a danger there? >> there clearly is a danger. >> reporter: after our reporting, california assembly woman shirley weber is pushing legislation that would require every school in the state to outline the duties of their campus officers. >> i've seen situations where young children have been handcuffed and in the back of police cars. simply because they didn't want go to class and they were 7 years old. >> reporter: what would you say to school districts that don't think it's necessary? >> we will let them know it is necessary. they're spending more money on police than counselors oftentimes with no policy at all about how people are to operate. >> reporter: nationally more than 1.6 million students attend a school with an officer, but no counselor. >> when we get a call to go on the property of a school to a certain extent the system has failed. >> reporter: jeff is chief of police for the oakland unified school district. and says a lack of resources and clear policies have resulted in schools miss using law
11:41 am
enforcement. >> our armed police officer showing up on scene at an elementary school to scale a child because he is misbehaving is not the appropriate way to handle t. >> reporter: sandra says after educators used police to discipline her jason was left angry and emotionally scarred. >> by him being a young black male, you worry about the streets and him getting caught up in it, you know. him going to jail or getting killed, you worry about that. i don't want him to be that kid that gives up. >> reporter: you've seen that happen with your other son. >> yes, i have. >> reporter: jason's older brother jaylen was born with developmental disabilities and has been in and out of jail. >> the police was always called on him at school. he was always suspended. it was just little things. >> reporter: and do you worry the same thing could happen to jason? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: but the high school
11:42 am
junior has his sights set on college. he'd like to play football and study psychology at the university of oregon. but realizes he'll likely have to keep dodging hurdles to get there. there are more than 16,000 school districts in the country and we've now made it easy for you to find out information about every one of them. just log onto our website to search for districts in your area, learn which have officers on campus, and how often they're calling police on their students. you can even find out which groups of children are impact the most. and, guys, that's all at investigate. >> if you have a tip for our i have unit give us a call at 800-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> all right. at this point about three quarters of the people whoed to leave their homes for mandatory evacuations are able to go back now and we are getting an up-close look at the damage. some of them are finding after the historic floods. up next, where the waters came
11:43 am
up to at some folks' property. >> and a lot of people are nervous about the weekend storm, but i can tell you looking at the satellite imagery, it looks pretty puny, but it will impact the weekend. so, i'll talk more about that. a look at the sierra and also the drought us. that's coming up.
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someone i think prayed to the water gods and they listened because the idea of any more rain at this point would just be intolerable andfully we're getting a break here. >> i know, kari, it was so nice
11:46 am
to see you with that storm that is just weakening. >> that's what we need at this point. any more storms, like you said, is just hard to find anywhere to put all of this water. our reservoirs are still all full. the rivers are still flowing. and we've also had a lot of rain that we are just still seeing around the bay area. even though the weather has dried out, we are looking at some sunshine right now. the temperature only be at 50 degrees. but, yes, finally we can put the umbrellas away for a little while. we know there are some more changes in that weekend forecast. looking now at ocean beach, hard to enjoy it when it's so chilly out there. but definitely some dry weather out there will help dry things out for the next couple of days and seeing those creeks and water levels going back down. looking at the 7-day forecast now coming up bottom of the screen, you'll see some scattered showers on saturday and sunday, and once again dry today. as we look at these temperatures, in the upper 40s to lower 50s, at 51 degrees in
11:47 am
oakland and san francisco and we won't see those temperatures rising much more from where we are now. so, definitely a jacket all day long. we still have storm ranger on san bruno mountain scanning around the bay area, and we saw earlier today some spotty showers just offshore. now all of that has cleared out, but we are going to still have this over the weekend, just powered up and scanning around the bay area as that next storm system moves in. looking now at some dry weather for today and tomorrow, the future cast gives us an idea of exactly when we'll start to see that rain moving in. and farther to the north it shows a wintry mix for northern sonoma county, saturday morning may be a little snow. as we see much more of this moisture moving in, some more widespread showers for saturday afternoon, but then look at what happens saturday evening. it quickly rolls out of here and some dryer air moves in. early sunday morning it looks dry, but then sunday evening
11:48 am
another round of some light rain moves in and that will bring us into the start of next week before we see another round of some dry weather. looking at the potential of about a quarter of an, maybe half of an inch of rain, and then farther to the north like yukaia, you may see a little more, but two tomorrow systems looking at a lot less rain. for the sierra a lot of people getting back out there to enjoy all of the snow that's recently falling. just saw a report from squaw valley and all pine meadows they've had over 5 inch 5 inches --.500 inches of snow during this whole winter. you can see that it's still on the ground. so, as we get a look now at the sierra snow pack, the northern sierra 154% average, the southern sierra doubled the amount that they normally get on this date and definitely really helping us out here as far as the drought. it updated this morning. it has taken the whole state out
11:49 am
of an exceptional or extreme drought. we do still have a severe drought just north of l.a., but abnormally dry condition and for us we have been removed from the drought status. we just need more work on replenishing those deep groundwaters that will happen over the course of years, of. so, we will continue to monitor the weekend storm. i'll let you know if there's any more updates coming up. >> all right. we look forward to that. thank you very much, kari. >> coming up, still not able to go home just yet. another look from the damage at a mobile home park hit hard in san jose.
11:50 am
11:51 am
thousands of people whare bachod the clean up is underway for thousands of people who are back home after the flood waters receded. >> okay, this is an area where that has not started yet. the clean up at least, but not moving back into the neighborhood. forecaster vianey arana visited
11:52 am
one of the areas hit hardest by the flood. she has a look at the daniel. >> and right now i'm here at the south bay mobile home park. you can see police making their way through where we see knocked over cones. all that's left behind after the serious flooding is mud on the ground. if you make your way over here, we can actually see this home right here with some damage along the side. it look like some broken panels and just a few minutes ago i was talking to a resident two doors down telling me he actually decided to stay in his home. but when i asked him how bad the flooding got, he referenced it got to about his height. i'm 5'3". he said it hit inside his home. this is how the mobile home is. he said it got to about right here in his mobile home. unfortunately he says he does not have flood insurance so that's definitely going to be a very pricey repair. walking along here, very slippery so we have to be careful. but if we walk on over here, see more damaged homes along this road.
11:53 am
we can see more debris, knocked over cones and all of the water areas are receding. we are expecting to see a lot of clean up underway. as you saw earlier we did see that police drive on through the area. so, we will be keeping a close eye on this area and hopefully residents can get home pretty soon. i'll send things back to you in the studio. >> all right. they still have to decontaminate as she said before they can go home. >> a lot of steps before this is going to be over. thank you very much, vianey. we'll be right back with more.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
we always like to find incredible video for you. this is it for this morning. tiger knocking a drone out of the sky. get out of here, drone. a siberian tiger in northeast china. they released the footage chasing the drones until one jumps up, snatches it from the sky and chews it up and spits it out. it shows the tigers gathering around the drone. they moved away because it was smoking. they used the drone chasing to keep the tigers fit. seems like an expensive exercise regimen. >> i don't know it was an intentional exercise regimen. they are very playful. thatting tiger thing had to come from somewhere, right? >> hidden drones? >> exactly, way to complete that. >> thank you. >> talking about. >> kari? >> a like what he said earlier. he was like racy smoke,
11:57 am
universal language to get out of here. >> i wasn't clever enough to come up with that. that was mike inoue. we haven't gotten any alerts of any major rain activity on our phone this morning. >> i thought my phone was broken. >> yeah, it's been so busy, thing just lighting up. well, it's going to be nice and quiet the next couple of days and i don't think you'll mind. well, as we head into the weekend, more scattered showers in the forecast. we'll only see those high temperatures reaching low 50s. so, it's going to be really rough to deal with all that rain and the highs also only reaching the low 50s for the inland areas. >> your graphics are blue. the set is blue. that means no microclimate weather alert. >> finally a good thing. >> we are crossing our fingers it's only going to be 3/10 of an inch. >> we'll take that. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 5:00 as we continue to follow all of this flooding. we'll see you then.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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